Scripture: _Esther 2:4
Then let the young woman who pleases the king rule in place of Vashti.” This advice pleased the king, and he did this.

When I was single, I had many first dates. The second dates, however, were a different story. After each rejection, I would analyze what I did wrong. The next time, I would up my game—better locations, pricier meals, and more elaborate activities. Despite my best efforts, little changed. Two weeks seemed to be the longest I could make a relationship last.

After many painful rejections, I realized I had been spending all of my energy trying to convince the girl I was worthy of a second date. The only thing my over-the-top efforts did was highlight how insecure I was. To be honest, I was more interested in the idea of having a girlfriend than I was in the particular girl I was dating.

That all changed the day my best friend told me about a girl he knew. She had recently broken up with her boyfriend and confided in my friend how tired she was of playing the game.

At that moment, I realized that was what I had been doing: playing a game. Instead of spending my first date trying to win a second date, I should have been trying to get to know the girl I was with better. Did she have a relationship with Christ? What did she enjoy doing? What did she struggle with? Were the trajectories(goals and aspirations) of our lives heading in similar directions? What were her spiritual goals and desires? What were her values? Is she ready and willing to support me achieve my dreams and goals? What were her financial goals? What is the story of her family background?

Knowing the answers to these questions would make it possible for me to discern if I should continue to pursue a girl or if we should simply remain friends. In short, I planned to no longer be a passive participant hoping someone would accept me.

*I eventually called the girl my best friend told me about, but this time I was different. I knew what I wanted. I wasn’t just looking for a second date, I was looking for something much more permanent. More than 26 years after our first date, I can say with assurance, I found it.

Before you ask her out, consider the type of person God would want you with (a believer, someone with good character, someone who will make a good partner). And when you do have that first date—more on that step tomorrow—don’t forget to learn as much as you can about her in the process. This just might be the first chapter in a lifelong love story.

Meditate and act on the above

In the name of the Lord Jesus, thank God for Family Global Ministries And Fellowship and Apostle Rose and the Family Daily Chop Chop. Pray that Holy Spirit will continue to inspire Apostle Rose with messages and you will be blessed by the message.

Pray: Thank you Oh Holy Spirit for today’s inspiring message. Lord, you made me for good works which you prepared before I was born. Help me be wise and informed and make the best decision and choice in choosing a partner that fit my purpose and calling.

I declare peace, joy, love, understanding, and Breakthrough in every family today in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, amen.

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If you are to die now, and you are not sure where you will go; heaven or hell? It’s not too late to fix it. You need Jesus, the savior of the world.

Please Say this Salvation prayer now

Lord Jesus come into my heart, wash me with your precious blood, and save my soul today. Let your blood and mercy speak for me. I repent from my sins, I ask for forgiveness, I confess my belief in you, I accept you as my Lord and Savior from now on in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Saying a salvation prayer is the first step in your relationship with God.

Please Read Romans 10:9-13

You are now born again. Congratulations 🙏🙌🎉🎊🎁

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